Our Top 5 Luxurious Destinations


Seychelles beach view1. The Seychelles

When you think of luxury, Seychelles is definitely going to be a destination that comes to mind. This is one of those locations that is breathtaking. You also can go to the North Island where there are only 11 villas. Talk about luxury! Think blue water and white sand beaches.




Eiffel Tower Paris, France

2. Paris

Paris is the city of light, but it is the city of love, food, and wine for most travelers. This city is filled with luxury. Luxury does not just come from where you stay and what you do, but the atmosphere. All the ceilings are high, with gold finishing everywhere you look and top it off a doorman with a beautiful French accent.




Grenada Beach3. Grenada

Grenada is home to triple-A, five-diamond rated resorts that come along with white sand and pristine blue water. This is the kind of luxury if you want to walk straight out of your penthouse suite, directly onto the soft sand, and having it feel like you own the entire beach.




Thailand4. Thailand 

Thailand is not a location that you automatically think of when the word luxury is brought to mind. But the service, spa culture, and cuisine are absolutely sensational. This is a country where it would be effortless to get spoiled.





Maldives over water bungalow5. Maldives

Honeymoons and destination weddings are a big hit in the Maldives. But little do people know that it is the perfect place for a luxury vacation. Overwater bungalows with private plunge pools, luxurious outdoor showers, and see through floors. This is our favorite luxury vacation.

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