The term 'travel agent' often brings to mind someone that simply books and collects the money, like a cashier or a call center operator.

This type of relationship may work for some, however most travelers rely on a solid professional relationship to derive the most enjoyment from their hard earned vacation time and money.

By learning about your 'travel style', likes, dislikes, needs and budget I am able to create customized vacation experiences for you time and time again.

Everyone has a different level of interest in planning their own vacations. Some choose to take complete control of the process and yet others simply want to know where to be and when to be there. I try to offer travel planning services for every level of vacationer.

Plans are broken down into 3 tiers depending on level of service required:

Silver - $50.00

Perfect for the DIY'er that just needs someone to glance over their plans and look for any discrepancies and possibly make some suggestions. Keep in mind that I can not be of assistance if issues arise during your vacation because the original agent, you, will be the only one with access to resolve issues. Fee is non-refundable.

Gold - $75.00

Did you book your trip with points or through an online agency but need help booking shows, tours, excursions, etc.? This level will be perfect for you. Once again, I will only be able to assist if issues arise during your vacation with components that I have actually booked. Fee is non-refundable and will not be applied to any final payments.

***the fee for booking air that is not part of a vacation/cruise package is an additional non-refundable $50.00 per ticket.***


Platinum - $125.00

This is my clients' favorite choice because it entitles them to my complete list of planning services. Once your request is received, you will complete my personalized travel assessment along with my plan to go agreement to get the ball rolling. Once i have received and reviewed these forms we will schedule our first consultation to get acquainted and further hone your vacation wish list. When we have agreed upon the perfect vacation for you and your family, a deposit will be required from you to hold the reservation. I will review due dates for final payments, cancellation policies, etc. After that we will begin looking at shows, tours, excursions and other exciting options to enhance your vacation.

Your $125.00 consultation fee is non-refundable however a $100 credit will be added to your shipboard account or as a resort credit to be used during your vacation amount if book your travel through me within 30 days of your initial plan to go agreement.