Fundraising Cruises

Non-profit (501c) organizations are often looking for new ways to raise funds for their causes while building a sense of community.  Most non-profit entities are unaware of the opportunity to organize fundraising cruises as a unique and fun way to generate money for their important work.  Guests can relax and enjoy the camaraderie among members while knowing that a portion of their vacation dollars is going toward charity. 

Organizing one of these cruises is similar to organizing a regular group cruise but with a few differences.   I will be there to guide you as we organize the event and decide the best course to maximize contributions from the cruise for your charitable organization.  Depending on schedule and location, I may be available to hold a special information night to present the fundraising event to your members as a jump start to your initiative.  As with anything, getting the word out is crucial for one of these events so you will want to make sure that you have people in place to help us spread the word. 

If you feel this is something your organization may be interested in please contact me to set up a call or meeting to discuss this opportunity further.