Cruise the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel, experiencing the world's largest flower auction, taking in the majesty of the Swiss Alps and sampling local beer, wine, cheese and chocolate on shore, for an authentic taste of Europe.
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Saudi Arabia: Desert Kingdoms This journey is a unique opportunity to travel with other international guests on a limited-edition itinerary operated by A&K Australia. The birthplace and spiritual home of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious desert kingdom that has been closed to much of the outside world until recently. Discover the many hidden delights…
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Georgia & Armenia: Journey to the Caucasus This journey is a unique opportunity to travel with other international guests on a limited-edition itinerary operated by A&K Australia. This fascinating journey to the heart of the Caucasus offers a surprising taste of Old World Eastern European charm. Bridging East and West, these former Soviet republics boast…
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On this family-friendly adventure in East Africa, witness abundant wildlife — from baby elephants to the big cats — roaming vast, sun-drenched panoramas; and stay in comfortable, spacious lodges in the region’s greatest parks and reserves.
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Explore two vastly different and evolving national legacies — each steeped in rich heritage and tradition — and each poised on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s cultural and technological horizons.
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Celebrate the rich tapestry of history, culture and innovation that lies at the cornerstones of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, two nations boasting both ultra-modern metropolises and the timeless traditions that take you on a journey back in time.
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Discover the stunning jewels of Ethiopia, revealing the threads of ancient culture, religion, architecture and natural beauty that form this diverse nation’s rich tapestry, and experience unrivaled insider access as you cruise to the source of the Blue Nile, examine the Lucy skeleton and explore the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.
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Discover the tribal traditions, natural wonders and exotic, paradisiacal shores of Indonesia, Papua and Australia. Exploring with A&K’s remarkable Expedition Team, enjoy nature walks, local village visits, Zodiac excursions, and opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive. Experience stunning Komodo National Park and its rare dragon; West Papua’s brilliant marine ecosystems, the storied spice islands of Maluku and Banda; and astonishing Great Barrier Reef.
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Discover the many faces of a dynamic nation as you explore Vietnam’s iconic cities and rural villages, take in its lush yet rugged scenery, sample its delightful cuisine and immerse yourself in its enduring cultural traditions.
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