Balkan Odyssey

07/18/2021 through 09/25/2021
07/18/2021 through 10/06/2021
Avalon Waterways

Begin your Balkan Odyssey before your cruise with an overnight stay in Bucharest-the “Paris of the East.” See the Romanian capital’s the WWI Arc de Triomphe and the Royal Palace Square, and spend free time browsing the lovely shops and cafes of Victory Boulevard. Embark on your Suite Ship® in the town of Oltenita to begin your Danube River cruise through the Balkans, and cruise for Nikopol. See the incredible ancient architecture in Veliko Trnovo and Arbanassi, and sail to Vidin, Bulgaria, to marvel at the remarkable rock formations of the Balkan Mountains in Belogradchik. Cruise through the Iron Gates Gorge, explore the amazing archaeological site of Lepenski Vir, and visit the fascinating Fortress of Golubac. Sail to Belgrade, Serbia, where the Danube and Sava Rivers meet, and discover ancient architecture in Novi Sad. Sail into beautiful Croatia, where a 1,000-year-old winemaking tradition lives on in Ilok. Disembark in Osijek and spend the night in the Croatian capital of Zagreb-dating back to the Roman Empire. This Danube River cruise through the Balkans reveals the beauty of its people and culture across a land of beauty and inspiration.

Included Features:

Day 1 Bucharest: Welcome to Bucharest

Day 2 Bucharest-Oltenita (Embarkation): Guided sightseeing in Bucharest; onboard welcome reception

Day 3 Nikopol. Excursion to Veliko Trnovo and Arbanassi: Full-day excursion, visit to Tsarevet’s Fortress in Veliko Trnovo and to the Ethnographical Museum and the Church of the Nativity in Arbanassi

Day 4 Vidin. Excursion to Belogradchik: Guided tour in Vidin, excursion to Belogradchik, see the rock formations

Day 5 Iron Gates-Donji Milanovac-Golubac: Scenic cruise through the Iron Gates Gorge; visit to Golubac fortress; visit Lepenski Vir archaeological site

Day 6 Belgrade: Guided tour; lecture on board

Day 7 Novi Sad-Ilok: Guided tours

Day 8 Osijek (Disembarkation)-Zagreb: Guided sightseeing in Zagreb

Day 9 Zagreb: Your vacation ends this morning


Day 1 Bucharest, Romania
Day 2 Bucharest
Day 3 Nikopol. Veliko Trnovo & Arbanassi Excursion
Day 4 Vidin, Bulgaria
Day 5 Iron Gates Gorge – Donji Milanovac. Excursion To Lepenski Vir – Golubac
Day 6 Belgrade, Serbia
Day 7 Novi Sad
Day 8 Osijek (Disembarkation) – Zagreb
Day 9 Zagreb

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