Japan Real Food Adventure

09/30/2022 through 12/21/2023
09/30/2022 through 12/24/2023
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Japan Real Food Adventure

Ignite your tastebuds on a culinary journey through Japan’s most delicious hotspots. To the glittering skyscrapers of Tokyo and the lush alps of Takayama, slurp on soba and sample some sake as you work your way through the contrasting flavours of the land of the rising sun. This 12-day epicurean adventure takes you from the traditional monastic cuisine of Koya-san to the tantalising takoyaki stalls that line Osaka’s vibrant streets. Master the art of sushi making in an intimate cooking class, savour the flavour of sizzling yakitori in Tokyo’s hidden backstreet izakaya, spot geisha with your local leader in Kyoto’s Gion district and eat all of the freshest seafood and sumo-sized feasts you can handle. From temples to tempura, shrines to sashimi – embark on a tour that has all the best Japanese ingredients.


  • Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Tokyo – Asakusa guided walk & Sensoji Temple
  • Tokyo – Tsukiji Outer Market & Sushi Tasting
  • Tokyo – Art of Sushi-making class
  • Takayama – Hida Folk Village
  • Hida-Furukawa – Sake Brewery visit
  • Takayama – Morning Market visit
  • Kanazawa – Orientation Walk
  • Kanazawa – Kenroku-en Garden
  • Kanazawa – Chaya gai district walking tour (Day 5 or Day 6)
  • Kanazawa – Omicho Market
  • Osaka – Dotombori Tour
  • Osaka – Tour of Kuromon Market and Doguyasuji Arcade
  • Osaka – Depachika visit
  • Osaka – Noodle or takoyaki experience
  • Koya-san – Okuno-in Mausoleum walk
  • Kyoto – Gion District walk
  • Kyoto – Nishiki Market walk
  • Kyoto – Orientation Walk
  • Kyoto – Obanzai cooking class
  • Kyoto – Kyoto-style Final Night Dinner
  • Kyoto – Private Tea Ceremony experience


  • It’s true – Japanese people take incredible pride in their cuisine. Explore a country where food is taken seriously, all the way from the station tonkatsu restaurant to a high-end sushi establishment.
  • Travel by Shinkansen to the Japanese Alps and taste succulent wagyu beef in the 17th-century Edo period town of Takayama – the definition of a melt-in-your-mouth moment.
  • Snack on awesome and adventurous street food in the unofficial culinary capital of Osaka and master the skill behind making the famous takoyaki (octopus and pickled ginger in batter).
  • Discover the traditions, culture and history behind tea in Kyoto during a private ceremony with a long-time practitioner of this art with your small group.
  • Venture into mountainous Koya-san, spending the night in a monastery and discovering shojin ryori – a traditional plant-based Buddhist meal with over 800 years of history.


Day 1 Tokyo
Day 2 Tokyo
Day 3 Takayama
Day 4 Takayama
Day 5 Kanazawa
Day 6 Osaka
Day 7 Osaka
Day 8 Koya-san
Day 9 Kyoto
Day 10 Kyoto
Day 11 Kyoto
Day 12 Kyoto

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