Travel Agent FAQ

Hard at work in my hotel in Ft Lauderdale, FL
Hard at work in my hotel in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Do Travel Advisers bite?

Not usually…just kidding, travel agents do not bite in fact I am here to navigate the maze of travel options available to you.   My goal is to help you save your valuable time and take the stress out of planning your amazing vacation.  You owe yourself and loved ones a little rest and relaxation, they will thank you for it!


Is it expensive to use a travel adviser?

No, often I can create itineraries that offer more value for your vacation dollars based on my experience and relationships with hotels, cruise lines and other travel companies than you can find online.  However, my clients are looking for an amazing vacation experience and understand that the cheapest price rarely provides the best experience.


I want my friends and family to join me on vacation, is that something you can help me with?

Yes!  I love working with groups whether it's a family reunion, corporate meeting at sea, charity cruise, destination wedding or just a group of friends.  I am also available to personally escort your group if needed so you can relax and enjoy your adventure without being the one everyone runs to if there is an issue or question.  Click HERE to learn more about group travel

Sounds good, I'm ready to work with you as my travel adviser. So….how does this work?

Call, text or email me and I'll explain the process.  Still having trouble letting go of your inner DIYer? No problem, my Getting Started page outlines everything for you.